to bring you a closer look into the creative community

of this Toronto members-only co-working space club.

Located in Toronto’s bourgeoning Riverside neighbourhood, East Room is reinventing the modern workspace. Our co-working club caters to forward-thinking freelancers, creative professionals and small businesses. East Room offers the community, location and tools necessary to grow our member’s careers. Our dynamic community of members include some of the city’s most creative minds working in the fields of technology, art and design. East Room provides the ideal environment for these like-minded individuals to collaborate, share ideas and merge their talents...

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ER: What do you do?

CC: I’m a freelance multimedia reporter/journalist, lifestyle blogger, men’s stylist, social media coordinator, copywriter and mother. I create content; tell stories, share experiences and live life through my many passions.

ER: Why East Room?

CC: East Room has become my home away from home. It has given me a safe space/outlet to buckle down, remain focused, get creative and turn my ideas and thoughts into solid form. I’m a night owl who tends to pull all-nighters a few days a week. As someone who holds many titles and has many passions, 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough, and East Room allows me to squeeze in more hours to make magic happen. The walls of East Room have heard all my ideas, even the wildest of them and they’re safe there...

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ER: What do you do?

PA: I own a metals distribution company that stocks, processes and distributes Copper, Brass and Aluminum Alloys to the Global industrial market.


ER: Why East Room?

PA: I enjoy engaging with creative and intelligent people and love the overall vibe of the place.



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ER: What do you do?

ALK: I dream of cool ideas and make them into tangible realities. Creative Design & Product Development


ER: Why East Room?

ALK: I enjoy being in the company of like minded people. A creative, healthy and productive environment goes hand in hand with working outside the box and pushing new boundaries. A community is only as great as the contribution of it's members. The East Room is a beautiful space filled with friendly talented individuals.



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FRESHMEN FRIDAY collaborated with new music blog THE RHAPSODY

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of the creative communities of Toronto and New York.


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There’s something truly admirable about a person who has let their passions in life lead them in all the right directions. For Brooklyn-based DJ Jasmine Solano, a.k.a. JSMN, her love of music has taken her all around the world and back to spin for high profile brands (DKNY, Apple, Nike and Topshop, just to name a few), and celebrities (including a little artist known as Beyoncé…) alike.

But it’s not just her incredibly diverse taste in music that’s impressive; the Philadelphia-native and one half of the DJ party duo Electric Punanny has the kind of work ethic and intelligence that would make any workaholic jealous. While in college, Solano created her own major, “music activism quest,”...



With razor-sharp cheekbones and a smolder that could melt just about anything, it’s easy to see why supermodel Paolo Roldan is a favourite in the fashion world.

The Philippines-born, Toronto-bred model, fashion buyer, and budding stylist has appeared in the pages of GQ, Numéro China and i-D while walking the runways for the likes of Michael Bastian, 3.1 Phillip Lim (he counts designer Phillip Lim as a friend) and Givenchy, where he is often a regular. In fact, Roldan made his runway debut for the French fashion house in 2009 after a last minute casting call with creative director Riccardo Tisci. Roldan is now widely regarded as Tisci’s muse...



Kelsey Williams, a.k.a Killa Kels, might be the new kid on the block but don’t let that fool you. The Toronto-based DJ’s determination has driven her to learn everything she possibly can about music and the industry. She’s been working with Toronto mainstays DJ Agile and DJ Grouch to hone her craft and will soon be sharpening her business skills at the Recording Arts Academy’s Business Academy.

It looks like her efforts have been paying off; a little over a year since she began spinning professionally, Williams has been working steadily and making her way to becoming one of Toronto’s top DJs...