Freshmen Friday began in New York as a documentary photo project-turned-blog that showcased original content featuring emerging creatives. Those featured engaged in casual one-on-one conversations that explored both the inspirational and practical means by which they progress from their initial concepts and ideas, through to the “real-life” actualization of their careers. It was founded on the search for achieving a deeper understanding of the mind-states of our contemporaries; where they’ve been, where they’re going and how they see themselves getting there.


Now based in Toronto, Freshmen Friday aims to extend it’s reach to Toronto’s growing emerging creative community. After years of various roles and experience, we are joining our social lives, Toronto’s swiftly expanding rolodex of up and comers and the brands we have worked with throughout the years to produce THE BIG PICTURE. We are now transitioning the focus of Freshmen Friday to accommodate these very notions we’ve always promoted; connecting people to creatives, to brands and to venues in Toronto.