Karim Olen Ash

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Who are you? 

Karim Olen Ash

Where are you from and where do you live? 

Raised in Brampton and currently live in Toronto

What do you do?

DJ and Freelance Creative

What is your dream creative project? And what's stopping you from it? / What do you need?

In general, my dream creative project is one that allows me to do what I love while being able to travel and make a living. But in the future when I’m more established and skilled at what I do I would love to help score a film. Right now, I think I need more experience to achieve what I want so I have to keep putting in hard work and practice.


What's your strategy for a creative block?

Walk away. Go do something else and come back to it. I think it’s important to take a step back to take your mind off of it and you’ll instinctively know when you’re ready to go back. Sometimes it takes hours, days, weeks etc. but you can’t force it.

What are your top 5songs of the moment?

Pony + Fitness - Sex I’m an Addict 

The Internet - Under Control

Kelela - Better


Butch - No Worries