Eric Richards

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Eric was a part of our production team for the Joseph of Mercury shoot with Numero Homme.

You can follow Eric here.

Where are you from?


What do you do?

I’m a designer for WIL Studios, a contemporary menswear line I co-founded last year. I also am a stylist!

Can you share with us a piece of go-to style advice?

Be confident and comfortable!

What is your dream creative project?

More of a creative dream. I want to be sitting on a sofa I designed, wearing clothing I made, eating food from my restaurant, while listening to music I produced. I really want to be able to have the freedom to get creative in many different fields.

What are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -   Charlotte Day Wilson or Frank Ocean

Exercising? - Danger Incorporated

Partying? -  Sean Leon, Weezer, or Smashmouth

Where are your favorite places to… 

Eat? -  Jerk King

Dance? - Anywhere with good music and alcohol

Drink? -  At home

Shop? -  WIL Studios ;)

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?

Run a studio.

List three people that inspire you…

Rahul Madan

Izzy Ogieva (Do.Not.Push)

Shiloh (Legend of Shiloh)