Kim Esquila


Kim is a member of the INRUN Crew.

You can follow her here.

Where are you from?
Toronto, ON
What do you do?

What is your dream creative project?
A full music project

What are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -  88 BPM 

Exercising? - 120 - 140 BPM 

Partying? -  @mccaroldeniteroioficial @akabadgyal @britneyspears  


Where are your favorite places to… 

Eat? -  At home when I make dinner because I'm Barefoot Contessa with the wrist 

Dance? - Ruffles @ 1305 Dundas St W, if not there then at home in my underwear

Drink? -  I don't drink alcohol =( ,  if I could name one spot in Toronto I feel most comfortable at with my friends, I would say Unlovable Bar

Shop? - Online

Why is running important to you?
Health and Wellness is important to me

What change/difference is the INRUN Crew making for the LGBTQ+ community?
I think it is important for LGTBQ+ to have a place to gather and work together towards a greater goal

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?
Start a business

List three people that inspire you…
Tito Ed, Marvin Veloso, I'm Jennifer