Luis Figuero


Luis is a participant of Freshmen Friday's Sound Off! program.

You can follow him here and listen to the rest of his music here.

Where are you from?: Mexico

Where do you live now?: Toronto

What do you do for work?: Music teacher

What do you do for fulfillment?: I love social gatherings. BBQs, jam sessions. Skateboarding, djing.

What is your dream creative project?: To have the luxury of being able to wake up and make music.

Do you consider yourself a freshman, sophomore or senior in your field?: Definitely not a freshman lol. I hate having to grade music but yeah I’d say I’m a ninja :)

What can’t you leave the house without?: Wallet, keys and phone.

What's a typical day in the life for you?: Wake up, bake up, brush the teeth, change my briefs. 
Working in the kitchen makes me sling burritos on the daily for a couple of hours then I take to the streets. Students needing to learn music is how I keep breathing and eating. Then the night takes on and the practices begin. I have a supportive girlfriend who allows me to create and practise my trade when needed. Super important . And then finally sleep. I love my life.

What would your perfect 24 hours consist of?: Making music all day and getting paid for it. Enjoying my time off with friends and family because we only live once.

Where's your favourite place to eat?: Chitos pizza

Where's your favourite place to dance?: Any party that My crew and I throw. I like to throw and DJ underground house parties.

Where's your favourite place to drink?: The cheapest dive around.

Where's your favourite place to shop?: I like cool ball caps and t-shirts. Oh yeah and a good pair of cons.

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?: Paint the town red with the mooks music.

What are your go-to tunes for getting ready to leave the house in the morning?: Beck - morning phase, fleet foxes, grizzly bear.

What are your go-to tunes for exercising?: Any house mix and techno.

What are your go-to tunes for going out for a night on the town?: Yukon blonde - Saturday night , lcd soundsystem - tonite

What was your new years resolution?: Lose weight. What do I do? Put on weight. It’s becoming a pattern. Yolo.

What do you think are the qualities of a life well lived?: Well mannered towards humans. Empathy towards others and common respect.

Who are 3 people that inspire you?: 

John Lennon
Thom Yorke
Noam Chomsky