Dana Show

Dana’s music dives into dark, almost sinister vibes, speaking on topics of female empowerment, past personal experiences and sexuality. A master of many trades, Dana has dipped in the professional modeling industry, and was former punk musician in Dentata until she switched pace and turned to R&B and hip hop to "make music for girls to dance to (at the strip club)."
Calling all ends of the city, Dana has made her way through and from Toronto, in with her biker gang from Mississauga, (shot in her latest video “Head”), and a diverse range of voices with similar opinions expressed in her work. Dana’s topics of choice seem to be of recent relevance in issues spotlighted in the industry, such as the rising attention to female talent and oppression, as well as sexual openness and negative experiences to inspire others to speak out.

Freshmen Friday's own Olivia Seally asks Dana to take the stage in this month's edition of Room Service...