ER: What do you do?

ALK: I dream of cool ideas and make them into tangible realities. Creative Design & Product Development


ER: Why East Room?

ALK: I enjoy being in the company of like minded people. A creative, healthy and productive environment goes hand in hand with working outside the box and pushing new boundaries. A community is only as great as the contribution of it's members. The East Room is a beautiful space filled with friendly talented individuals.

ER: What are three things you need to do your job?

ALK: Inspiration, collaboration, technical skill.


ER: Do you feel like a freshman, sophomore or senior in your field?

ALK: I start the day feeling like a freshman ready to take on any challenge or lesson that may come my way. Mid-day I feel like a sophomore researching, referencing, problem solving, and developing skills. By the end of the day I feel like a senior. I reflect on the trust I have in my intuition, the craft and skills that I have honed, as well as my support network of mentors, friends and family. But on my better days I'm a freshman in every aspect, always ready, always learning, and never jaded.

you can check out Amanda's work here and follow her here. You can find out more about East Room here.

As told to: Olivia Seally / Photos by: Michael Rousseau