Hi! My name's Dai Burger, I'm from Queens, New York... but I run New York City!

FF - What do you do?

DB - I am a hip-hop, rapping, singing, trapping, lovable, performing artist. I just do it all... I hit stages and shut shit down. And make cool music along the way! I started as a back up dancer for Lil' Mama. Some people know that, some don't, but I always say that because it's how I started. And from there I started just doing more shows in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn and hosting parties. And I haven't really gotten a break since then (laughs). I love dancing! In high school every one knew it was either dancing or fashion, like if I wasn't going to be in fashion, I was going to be a dancer. You know... going to school, getting new Jordans, showing up... I customized my belts to match the latest Jordans. I kinda paint too so I would paint some stuff on my shirt or on jeans and people would always come to me in high school! I was kinda the jeans girl... I would put their name down one side and some splatter paint on the other, like do the back pockets, like what Jordan's you got? Ok I have pink paint! Oh you got the New Balances?! I got yellow! (laughs). It was fly! It was lucrative for me too, like a little side cash out.

FF - How did Patricia Fields happen?

DB - My homeboy brought me into the old store, it was my first time. And the manager at the front asked if we were Lil' Mama dancers, we were like yes... how did you know?! She saw us at the Heatherette show we just performed and she was like you're so cute, your style is so cool, do you want to work here? And I was kind of hesitant like I was still dancing and stuff but I kept coming back and they're like girl, just come on! I was like alright! You got me! And we've been married since. It's been a while, almost as long as the music... they kind of go hand in hand.

FF - Are you signed for your music?

DB - I'm not! I have management now. I don't even have a project out right now and I'm super booked up so once I put a project out, who knows what could happen! I feel like I've been on the underground for so long, and you know how sometimes you hear a name like it's hot, it's hot... then a couple months later you don't hear that name anymore.

I just feel like I've been consistent for so long that someone has to recognize here, it's not a roller coaster, I've just been smooth sailing for all these years. So I'm just ready to, like you said, have a platform so I can share it on a bigger plateau.

FF - Are you working on a project?

DB - I am! It's almost done! So it should be ready soon, and it's going to be released overseas as well!

FF - What's the goal / What do you want to add to the world?

DB - I'm just tired of people taking themselves so seriously, I'm so free spirited.. I don't know, people should just let loose sometimes.

I feel like everyone should just loosen up, be themselves and experiment, you know? Try new things! Everything doesn't have to be a race, or so serious like if you're doing you, that's enough!

I do me and I'm not competing with anybody and I feel fine! And just being smart, using the brains we have to do anything positive. All that negativity is just tired... negativity is tired, it's last year! Stank attitudes are a thing of the past! So 2013 (laughs).

you can follow Dai here and check out her music here.

As told to: Olivia Seally / Photos + Video by: Olivia Seally