ER: What do you do?

EW: I am a designer/owner of my own art and apparel line called "Facade", but also an everyday learner - I love being educated and continuing the process of self-learning - currently working towards improving my skills in printmaking and events management.


ER: Why East Room?

EW: East Room is an eclectic mix of people, ideas, and space that inspires both in the physical and digital sphere. The natural lighting is so remarkable and the space and vibes never feel stuffy or overwhelming.


ER: What are three things you need to do your job?

EW: Three things I need to do my job: sketchbook, Photoshop, matcha green tea

ER: Do you feel like a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in your field?

EW: Definitely a freshman regardless of whatever stage I am in life - everything is always a growing process and you never really can anticipate the finish line because things are never static and forever evolving.

you can follow Emilie here. You can find out more about East Room here.

As told to: Olivia Seally / Photos by: Michael Rousseau