Dawn Lam

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Where are you from?: Montreal

Where do you live now?: Toronto

What do you do for work?: Culture Curator at an Advertising Agency

What do you do for fulfillment?: Live life with my friends.

What is your dream creative project?: Anything that involves food and fashion. Beautiful people in cute outfits eating amazing food... DREAM LIFE.

Do you consider yourself a freshman, sophomore or senior in your field?: Definitely a freshman creatively, but at work I am O-L-D as fuck.

What can’t you leave the house without?: Lip balm and my camera.

What's a typical day in the life for you?: Be prepared for the most boring day ever:
Get to work LATE. Every. Single. Day.
Think about what to have for lunch.
Eat lunch.
Have my 2nd lunch at 3pm.
Go home and make dinner (or go out to eat).
Watch Seinfeld.
Go to bed.

What would your perfect 24 hours consist of?: Waking up in a foreign country on a flawless day. Being able to wander aimlessly for hours and eat the most amazing local foods. If there are friends around, even better! Watch the sunset and then stay up to watch the sunrise.

Where's your favourite place to eat?: Impossible to answer.

Where's your favourite place to dance?: My friend's living room.

Where's your favourite place to drink?: For a cute drink, there are so many nice places in the city, but to get drunk?! ... My friend's living room.

Where's your favourite place to shop?: ONLINE. I cannot handle malls or shops anymore.

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?: Go to a drag show! How have I not yet?!

What are your go-to tunes for getting ready to leave the house in the morning?: I usually play Instagram stories as I'm getting ready, but on my way to work I'm either blasting 90s rap/r&b or UK grime.

What are your go-to tunes for going out for a night on the town?: BRITNEY. CIARA. BEYONCE. Or anything DISCO!!!

What was your new years resolution?: I never tell anyone because I'm afraid of jinxing it for myself.

What do you think are the qualities of a life well lived?: To be happy and comfortable with myself and my relationships. When you're able to attain that, there's no need for anything else.

Kindly recommend 3 people that inspire you: 

Sasha Semeniouga
Briony Douglas
Emma Segal