Jamie Webster


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What do you do? First and foremost I’m a director and co-founder at Common Good. I’m also the creative director for Majid Jordan, a position that affords me the opportunity to work in the worlds of graphic design, fashion, photography and a lot of other great stuff. I also create installation artwork and experiential visuals but that’s just for fun when I have the time…so basically never.

Where are you from? Originally from the great urban metropolis of Mississauga. I’ve lived and studied in Berlin, done two stints in NYC and one in the Cayman Islands – but Toronto is unquestionably home.

What is your dream creative project? Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of the “dream projects” on my list. At the moment I’d say my dream project would be to create an overarching visual campaign for a large international brand – possibly in the world of fashion – something that includes film, design, photography and ideally some sort of installation or physical/spatial component. 

What's your strategy for creative block? I meditate for a short period using the Headspace app, then completely immerse myself in things that inspire me...but the key is that the inspiration is generally outside the area my creative block stems from. For instance, if I’m working in film, I look at sculpture and photography. I find the best way to solve a creative dilemma is to approach the thinking from an adjacent practice, then apply certain principles back to whatever I’m working on.

What are your top 10 songs of the moment?

Polaroid/Roman/Photo - Ruth

Trapdoor - Salem

Malukayi - Mbongwana Star

Madness - Kleenex (Liliput)

Heartbeats - The Knife

Andrew - Jonwayne

Apocalipsiii - DJ Nigga-Fox

Triumph - Wu Tang Clan

Cuanto - A.CHAL & A$AP Nast

The Law - Good People (Majid Jordan)