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Where I Came From: Toronto

A portrait of Toronto's rap underground...

...Jimmy Prime believes that the outside perception of Toronto culture is more accurate than ever before, thanks to platforms like Instagram account @6ixBuzzTV. “A lot of cities don’t have that, their own journalists talking about the culture in the city,” he says. “I feel like our identity is kind of getting solidified, people know what we’re about more than ever.”

Jimmy contributed heavily to spreading Toronto culture outside of the city when he rebranded the city “The Six” - after its six boroughs and the area codes 416 and 647. Drake took the term global, and it’s common to see everything from dentists to guided tours adopting the name when strolling around areas like Queen Street West. “I feel like the idea is bigger than me,” he explains, humbly. “If everyone didn’t embrace it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s like the Big Apple: I’m sure someone invented that, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s more about the city embracing it.” He admits that it hit him how much the term had really caught on when he saw it being used by the Toronto Raptors basketball team, then later found it had also been adopted by the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

“We’re not a mystery city anymore,” says Jay Whiss. “I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot. It’s time to transcend, I want my music to transcend everywhere”...

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Words: Grant Brydon  

Photos: Olivia Seally & Karim Ash