Sy Blake


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Where are you from and where do you live? I am from South London in England, my parents are Jamaican and St Lucian. And I’m currently living in Toronto, Canada 

What do you do? I am a Graphic Designer and a freelance 3D Character Modeller.

What is your dream creative project? And what's stopping you from it? I am actually working on my dream creative project with my boyfriend, so that is a blessing so nothing is stopping me from it, but money, time and lack of resources are slowing down the progression. But I also think maybe it’s part of the process, for it to be slow and stagnant sometimes. 

What's your strategy for a creative block? Mmmm, honestly I force myself to just ‘do’, even if the end result is complete trash, I just sit down at my desk and create something, anything! It’s always a start and it gets me one step closer to completion of a project or idea. You can always refine and revisit anything that doesn’t work. 

The last 5 songs I played on iTunes are...

While we’re young- Jhene Aiko

Lion Babe- Hit the ceiling 

Leonard Cohen- You want it darker

H.E.R ft Daniel Caesar- Best Part

Dawn Richard- 300

Where can we find you on a Friday night? It really depends on my mood, if I’m being a homebody that week, I’ll stay home at my desk and work on some 3D characters, if I’m feeling a vibe, I’ll probably be out at any of the local parties. Y’all already know the ones.