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Where are you from? 

I'm from Toronto and I currently live in Parkdale. 

What do you do? 

I make a living by DJing and curating events. I find fulfillment from pushing new music and creating spaces where POC feel represented. 

What is your dream creative project? 

My dream creative project is to direct my own music video. 

What are your go-to tunes

I listen to something new everyday, so I don't have go to tunes. But to motivate myself to work or hit the gym it'll probably be some dancehall or Afro house or R&B before I'm going out. 

In Toronto, where is your favourite place to: 

eat? There used to be this French Caribbean restaurant that had a backyard space that they decorated to look like you were in the islands and that was my fav place for a while. Closed now tho.

dance? At home in front of my mirror lol

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet? 

I want to throw a large scale outdoor event

Kindly recommend 3 people that inspire you...

Nino Brown

Ace Dillinger

Darren Duncan