Milly J


Milly was a part of our production team for the Joseph of Mercury shoot with Numero Homme.

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Where are you from?

From Toronto, currently living in Brockton Village.

What do you do?

I work full time as a Makeup Artist + Hairstylist. Most days you can find me in the studio working in TV or at Photo Shoots. But one of the many amazing things about my profession is how varied my job and environment can be.

Give us a beauty tip!?

Take a moment to prep your canvas - whether you're doing your own makeup or working on someone else's hair. Spending that extra 60 seconds prepping with moisturizer, oil or whatever it may be can actually save you time in the end.

What is your dream creative project?

Wow - that's a hard one because dreams are endless opportunities. I have so much respect and admiration for Performers - Actors & Singers. They are so fearless and inspiring in their crafts. A dream would be to art direct a creative photo shoot with some of my favourite performers as the subjects - Donald Glover, Gillian Anderson, Rihanna,  James McAvoy, Ilana Glazer to name just a few performers that I find inspiring and think would be so fun to shoot in a creative setting. Not only would working with them and conceptualizing a photo shoot be amazing but would also bring the opportunity to work with so many other amazing creatives from the photographer to stylist to other HMUAs.

What are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -   Something upbeat and positive like Anderson.Paak

Exercising? - High Intensity Rap & Hip-Hop & Femme Power Tracks like "Pass Out" - Tinie Tempah, "Holy Key" - DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean  &  "Formation" - Beyonce

Partying? -  Upbeat R&B and Rap, especially some older tracks from the early 2000's like "Body Party" - Ciara & "So Gone" - Monica

Where are your favorite places to… 

Eat? -  Two of my current addictions are Famiglia Baldassarre & White Lily Diner

Dance? - Well I haven't gotten out to dance in quite some time, I do work primarily in morning TV after all. However this past weekend my boyfriend and I had an impromptu St. Paddys/birthday party at our house and a dance party ensued - so can I say my own living room?

Drink? -  Soho House & Rhum Corner

Shop? -  Smoke + Ash, Adidas, V de V,  & Town. Also will be missing Nomad (RIP) to shop for presents for the BF that I know eventually I will steal.

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?

I've always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding - I love being outdoors & heard it's a great workout. Combined with the fact that our water is too dirty to swim in 😁

List three people that inspire you…

Elaine Jyll Regio - Fashion Market Editor at ELLE Canada

Ezio Bondi - Actor

Piotr Adas - Artist


Gimme Mar


Gimme Mar is a participant of Freshmen Friday's Sound Off! program.

You can follow her here and listen to her music here.

Where are you from?: Serbia/Vancouver

Where do you live now?: Toronto

What do you do for work?: DJ/Singer-Songwriter

What do you do for fulfillment?: Write, sing, dance, train/workout, travel

What is your dream creative project?: Creating a sick album and touring the world with it.

Do you consider yourself a freshman, sophomore or senior in your field?: Sophomore

What can’t you leave the house without?: Phone/Keys

What's a typical day in the life for you?: Quite different every day...but for the most part:
Wake up, say my thank you's for being alive and well. Stretch, water, tea/coffee.
Reply to emails, look up new music/research pop culture stuff. Cold calls/Emails for new potential clients. Update my moodboard. Write.
Workout (boxing, pilates, gym, run etc), meetings/errands
If not DJ'ing - take a dance class, record some ideas at home or a studio, write, read, watch a film or documentary.

What would your perfect 24 hours consist of?: Travelling, being with loved ones, creating some cool shit - music/film/visuals, laughing, and eating good food/hydrating/sweating.

Where's your favourite place to eat?: Fresh, Calii Love

Where's your favourite place to dance?: UnderGround Dance Centre, at home in front of my mirror

Where's your favourite place to drink?: When I do go out (rare these days) - Soho House, Apt 200, Mahjong Bar, any rooftop with a good view

Where's your favourite place to shop?: Sub Rosa Vintage, Value Village, Uniqlo, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, Nordstroms | Some favourite brands: IAMGIA (online), Nike, Vintage Prada/Gucci/Versace/Armani,

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?: Perform my own music at a big venue sold out show.

What are your go-to tunes for getting ready to leave the house in the morning?: 90's feel-good reggae

What are your go-to tunes for exercising?: HARD RAP - A$AP/SKEPTA/KANYE/DRAKE/FUTURE

What are your go-to tunes for going out for a night on the town?: Hard rap (same as excersizing) or sexy funkadelic 60's/70's soul sexy R&B keywords: HARD & SEXY

What was your new years resolution?: Didn't have one specifically for the year, but my motto this past couple of months is: ENJOY LIFE!!!

What do you think are the qualities of a life well lived?: Knowing what you want, what you enjoy doing, what you're good at and DOING IT EVERYDAY. Surrounding yourself with love and good energy, staying consistent and disciplined in anything you put your mind to. Achieving milestones you set for yourself and enjoying the feeling of all those accomplishments.

Kindly recommend 3 people that inspire you that we can continue the conversation with...: Nina Kiridzija ( @neeenze )
Teaunna Gray ( @teaunnagray )
Charlotte Johnston ( @charwhore)

Talia Wray

According to Talia Wray’s Instagram bio, she is an “actor, queen of comedy, parts model, and food blogger.” As an actress, Talia’s credits include films like Everything’s Gonna Be Pink, Odd Mom Out and The Heist, as well as commercials for Marshalls and Adore Me. The Brooklyn-native also starred in Kendrick Lamar’s first music video, ADHD, directed by Vashtie.

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Khory + Tanya.jpg

Where are you from?

St. Catherine’s, Jamaica. I live in Toronto now

What do you do?

I work for the Peel District School Board as a CYW. Dancing is what I do for fulfillment :)

What is your dream creative project?

Creating an amazing Start Up (funding, housing, education) program / package for homeless and at risk youth in the city from ALL walks of life.

Where are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -  90s and early 2000s R&B

Exercising? - Trap Trap Trap... Nothing like some Migos while crushing the treadmill!

Partying? -  Anything by Di teacha, Vybz Kartel

Where are your favorite places to… 

Eat? -  SIDCAR on College! Thank me later!

Dance? - Probably any dancehall party happening in the city..

Drink? -  Jack Astor’s!

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?

At some point get over my fear of heights and ride the elevator up the CN Tower..

List three people that inspire you…

  • Although he’s a part of this my fiancé Khory, he inspires and motivates me so much!
  • My best friend Shanique 
  • Sasha 

Jay Strut

Jay Strut

Jay Strut is a blogger, content-creator and front-row staple at fashion weeks around the world. After years of well-curated and envy-inducing snaps of her lifestyle, she has amassed an impressive following and has secured her place as one of Toronto’s foremost fashion bloggers and influencers, with collaborations with HP, Google, Chanel and Versace under her belt.

Every photo from her international escapades gets an average of 1.1k likes from nearly 61k followers.

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Jayemkayem is a DJ, writer, and marketing consultant committed to amplifying good music and underrepresented voices. After thriving through Toronto’s DJ scene she created her own community radio project Istolethesoul, which hosts pop-up broadcasts around Toronto. Between pop-ups she still spins her own well-rounded mixes around the city, where she plays everything from rap, trap and grime to drill, garage and bass.

Stats: 8691 Instagram followers.

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Dre Ngozi

Whether or not you have heard of Dre Ngozi, you have probably seen her behind the decks at Toronto’s best parties or dancing with Miguel and Travis Scott in a music video. Her own mixes incorporate her eclectic, diverse music style and make it impossible to stay still. With collaborations with Absolut and Covergirl under her belt, she is quickly rising to the top of Toronto’s DJ scene and breaking the boys club that has reigned for far too long.

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Katie Lavoie

Katie Lavoie

Katie Lavoie is a Calgary-export currently based in Toronto. Since her big move, the self-proclaimed prairie girl has become a fixture in Toronto’s DJ scene. Her sets incorporate a wide array of genres and styles, from punk to jazz to disco to club, and though they’re unpredictable, they are always thoughtfully and masterfully mixed.

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Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop

As her name would suggest, Chippy Nonstop is a creative multi-hyphenate with an endless fuse. In addition to her own burgeoning career as a DJ, Chippy is the creator of Intersessions. Through Intersessions, Chippy has created a safe space for women, femme-identifying and non-binary folks to learn how to DJ. Between Intersessions, her own sets, and her no-holds-barred Twitter, Chippy is creating a culture of inclusivity in the DJ world.

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Corey Wash

Corey Wash

Corey Wash is an artist and model based in New York. As her modelling career picked up momentum, her passion for art grew. While modelling started sustaining her financially, her art became an outlet to explore more complex issues through the lens of her main character, Willoughby.

Stats: 20.1k Instagram followers

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Bambii is one of Toronto’s most viable new DJ exports. Her online posts and Instagram stories are just as unpredictable as her choices behind the boards but on both platforms, she comes off as effortlessly authentic and well-rounded. Bambii has been tapped to create mixes for Thump, The Fader and NEEDS&WANTS and has toured internationally, both as a solo act and as Mykki Blanco’s DJ. Between tour stops, Bambii throws her own parties, which serve as safe spaces for POC and LGBT folks.

With a growing following nearing 10k followers, Bambii receives over 700 likes per post, on average, with an engagement rate of 7.5%. Whether she’s jamming in an Uber or capturing the scene at one of her shows, her videos garner over 2k views.

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Alex Salinas


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Flav Alex + MeB.jpg

Where are you from?

I am an earthy mixed Latina born and raised in Toronto. My father was Chilean and my mom is from Napoli.

What do you do?

I am currently a program creator and facilitator at a City of Toronto Youth Space. We are a non-traditional space where youth can attend programs that range from employment etiquette to producing beats.

What is your dream creative project?

Lately I have become obsessed with the sun, light and shadows so my dream creative project would definitely be a collection of photos I took of the sun and the way light is reflected on and off certain objects throughout the course of a day. I would love to have a series of both photos and film. I guess what’s stopping me is my lack of knowledge of film but that’s stupid because I still feel inspired by the imperfect quality of the photos I take on my undying iPhone 6s.

If your life were a movie, what would be on its soundtrack?

I am definitely a person who struggles with favorites. I have way too many favorites for my favorites to even BE favorites anymore. If I had to pick the top five I’ve been most recently listening to, they would be “Blessings on Blessings” OSHUN & Proda, “Que Te Pedi” La Lupe, “Da Art of Storytellin’, Pt. 1” Outkast, “Bombo Fabrika Remix” Little Simz & Gabriel Garzon-Montano, and “How Come You Don’t Call Me” Alicia Keys (her vocals, amazing). If my life were a movie, I would definitely expect my soundtrack to be a collection of sultry songs sung by La Lupe.

Wanze Song

Wanze Song

Wanze Song is an international designer whose broad background is reflected in her eclectic designs. Having initially immigrated from China to Canada as a child, she built strong connections in Toronto’s design community and eventually graduated from Ryerson’s School of Fashion. Today, she runs her growing brand from Berlin.

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Sapier Behr

BDAY-Sapier + Olivia.jpg
BDAY-Sapier + Olivia2.jpg

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Where are you from? 

From New York, still living in New York. For now...

What do you do? 

I manage a luxury cosmetics store, but my passion really is helping people create their aesthetic through skin care and makeup. I feel like the term "makeup artist" has become synonymous with "beat to the gods" over the top instagram work. Once you really involve the wellness aspect of healthy skin care and lifestyle, and really work hand in hand with your customers on a regular basis, you can really help people form themselves into a representation of what they want to be. That's my passion. 

What is your dream creative project? 

I've always had this idea of being a "life-stylist". Basically, with all that I've learned in both the cosmetics and fashion world, I would love to help people get their whole life in order. From how they dress, what they put on their face, how they conduct their lives. Be involved in their entire lifestyle. Mostly I feel like people look to all these people on instagram to simulate what they believe is the ideal lifestyle, and I think there's room to find it within yourself. I'd love to help people be their own best self. 

What are your go-to tunes for: 

Getting ready to leave the house in the morning? - Duh, Whitney Houston everything. Can't start the day without Whitney. 

When you’re exercising? - Beyonce, the entire Lemonade album. It's literally the only time I can listen to that album the whole way through. Beyoncé really takes you on a journey! 

Going out for a night on the town? - Well it all depends. I have one playlist called "R&B Boyz" with old Trey Songz and Lloyd and Usher when I'm feeling sexy lol. But I also have one called "Pick Up The Phone" which is basically a compilation of trap music when I'm trying to be lit. 

In your city, where is your fav place to: 

eat? - Ciccio in Soho and no one knows about it but it’s literally one of the best Italian restaurants ever. 

dance? - 205 Chrystie (when I don't want to see anyone I know and just shake my ass) 

drink? - Flower Shop 

shop? - There’s a string of small shops in Williamsburg on Bedford Ave between N4th and N5th that I buy everything at. (Trying to support those local businesses especially the women owned ones!) 

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet? 

Go to the Statue of Liberty! I'm a terrible New Yorker and never do any of that cool stuff. But I'm trying to see the views from her crown! 

Kindly recommend 3 people that inspire you…

Suzy Tamimi

Hunter Schuon  

Daniel Duran