Monique Hinds

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What do you do?
I work at Soho House Toronto in Membership and as the DJ Programmer. 

Where are you from?
Grew up in Rexdale and Brampton and I'm of Guyanese descent. Currently living in my fave neighbourhood--Bloor and Dufferin. 

What are your top 5 songs of the moment? 

Toro Y Moi- Causers Of This album

Brent Faiyaz- Gang over luv

Been listening to a lot of early 2000s Lil Wayne/Juvenile in general

SZA- The Weeknd still gets me hype lol

I get a good amount of DJ mixes/ new music sent to me and I always love getting into those. 

What is your dream creative project?
Honestly, I can't place exactly what I'm going to do next but it'll likely be in the music  business. I've been really lucky in the past, and currently, to collaborate on projects and work with people I've always respected, so I'm trying to figure out now what gets me excited. It' s both a blessing and a curse because I have the privilege and stability to take the time and explore my passions but as a result, I find myself procrastinating at times. 

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Wherever the texts lead me :)