Katie Lavoie

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Where are you from?

Born and raised prairie girl from Calgary, AB. Living and working in Toronto

What do you do?

I've loved many facets of music for a long ass time. Punk to jazz to disco to club. I always want my sets to be passionate and dynamic. If I’m not giving you a body high to some degree, I’m not doing my job. I also think dancing is therapeutic - there is something so powerful about not giving a fuck and letting a set totally elevate you… it can be very personal! I think my litmus test for a good set is if it makes me cry - Honey Dijon made me kind of sob.

For myself, DJing is cathartic. It can release demons for me and I consider myself very lucky that I’m able to do this. Toronto can be a very supportive city and to be among such inspiring people is an honour. I’m constantly learning!

What are your top 5 songs of the moment? 

Burn the Witch - LSDXOXO

Call Me - Deee-Lite

Spend The Night - Pal Joey

I Wish U Heaven - Prince (this will be my wedding and funeral song)

If You Don’t Love Me - Prefab Sprout (Future Sound Of London Mix)

Where can we find you on a Friday night? 

On a Friday night, I’m usually playing. Or wishing I could be seeing one of my friends play. That’s a downside to being a DJ and having many peers who do it - passing ships in the night. Clone me already! Also, to be honest with you, if I’m not playing - I like to re-charge. I can’t stress enough about how important self care is in nightlife. You have a large duty to perform well and be fun and be social and probably “party" - it can be mentally / physically exhausting and I have to force myself to chill a lot, or else I’m half a person and suck

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