Corey Wash

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Where are you from? 

Baltimore, Maryland. But currently living between LA and NY.

What do you do? 

Now modeling isn’t something I really want to do full time but it’s something that has been happening more frequently. But I really love to paint, and create and make art, draw, sketch every day. I like to paint on furniture too!

What is your dream creative project? And what's stopping you from it? 

To build and design my own house. I want it really rustic, minimal but big plants. I want to grow my own vegetables. What’s stopping me is… I just need my money to work for me.

Name a personal inspiration?

Definitely Melo-X, not even just because that’s my boo (laughs)… he’s always been doing something positive, just always working and always busy. And that’s a great thing because what else are you supposed to be doing if you want something bad enough? I see the rewards that come from hard work, from him.

What are the qualities of a life well lived for you?

If you’ve traveled, found happiness and if you’ve found love and a home. Those are the 4 things: travel, happiness, love and home. I pretty much have all four right now… I can travel a lot more, there’s always room for improvement but I think it’s important to find those things as soon as you can.