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Talia Wray

According to Talia Wray’s Instagram bio, she is an “actor, queen of comedy, parts model, and food blogger.” As an actress, Talia’s credits include films like Everything’s Gonna Be Pink, Odd Mom Out and The Heist, as well as commercials for Marshalls and Adore Me. The Brooklyn-native also starred in Kendrick Lamar’s first music video, ADHD, directed by Vashtie.

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Lola Plaku

Lola Plaku, aka ILuvLola, is an industry insider who catapulted her career from fast food cashier to hip-hop journalist to artist development expert, supporting the careers of artists like Dej Loaf, Kehlani and Drake. After applying her OG industry wisdom to her role as manager for French Montana, Lola now takes care of marketing and brand development for Belly and Safe.

As Lola’s following soars past 70k, each post received over 2k likes, with an overall engagement rate of 3.3%.

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Paul Pusha

Paul Pusha

Paul Pusha is a creative consultant and accessory designer living and working in NYC. After a career in fashion, where he worked for the likes of Alife and Hood By Air, he transitioned into consulting and designing masks and jewelry because he believed that they were better suited for his skills. Today, he runs AK Cartel, where he sells bags, chains, masks and bustiers, which merge high fashion and hypebeast seamlessly.

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DJ GetLive!

DJ GetLive!

GetLive is a New York-based DJ who spins everything from classic boom bap to high-tempo club mixes. The Queens native embodies the American Dream, having flipped his SoundCloud mixes into a residency at Schimanski, where he holds court in their Hip-Hop Room.

Stats: 13.8k Instagram followers

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Sapier Behr

BDAY-Sapier + Olivia.jpg
BDAY-Sapier + Olivia2.jpg

You can follow Sapier here.

Where are you from? 

From New York, still living in New York. For now...

What do you do? 

I manage a luxury cosmetics store, but my passion really is helping people create their aesthetic through skin care and makeup. I feel like the term "makeup artist" has become synonymous with "beat to the gods" over the top instagram work. Once you really involve the wellness aspect of healthy skin care and lifestyle, and really work hand in hand with your customers on a regular basis, you can really help people form themselves into a representation of what they want to be. That's my passion. 

What is your dream creative project? 

I've always had this idea of being a "life-stylist". Basically, with all that I've learned in both the cosmetics and fashion world, I would love to help people get their whole life in order. From how they dress, what they put on their face, how they conduct their lives. Be involved in their entire lifestyle. Mostly I feel like people look to all these people on instagram to simulate what they believe is the ideal lifestyle, and I think there's room to find it within yourself. I'd love to help people be their own best self. 

What are your go-to tunes for: 

Getting ready to leave the house in the morning? - Duh, Whitney Houston everything. Can't start the day without Whitney. 

When you’re exercising? - Beyonce, the entire Lemonade album. It's literally the only time I can listen to that album the whole way through. Beyoncé really takes you on a journey! 

Going out for a night on the town? - Well it all depends. I have one playlist called "R&B Boyz" with old Trey Songz and Lloyd and Usher when I'm feeling sexy lol. But I also have one called "Pick Up The Phone" which is basically a compilation of trap music when I'm trying to be lit. 

In your city, where is your fav place to: 

eat? - Ciccio in Soho and no one knows about it but it’s literally one of the best Italian restaurants ever. 

dance? - 205 Chrystie (when I don't want to see anyone I know and just shake my ass) 

drink? - Flower Shop 

shop? - There’s a string of small shops in Williamsburg on Bedford Ave between N4th and N5th that I buy everything at. (Trying to support those local businesses especially the women owned ones!) 

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet? 

Go to the Statue of Liberty! I'm a terrible New Yorker and never do any of that cool stuff. But I'm trying to see the views from her crown! 

Kindly recommend 3 people that inspire you…

Suzy Tamimi

Hunter Schuon  

Daniel Duran 

Mellissa Miller

Melissa Miller is works double-time as a spa-owner and model in New York. The self-proclaimed ‘caged elephant’ is looking to turn the tides of Black business ownership with her spa by taking away the stifling titles, a timely and intrepid approach. Also, a scroll through Melissa’s Instagram, full of plenty of snaps of her beautiful bod, will sure be a testament to her wellness expertise!

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Jasmine Solano

asmine Solano is a Brooklyn-based DJ and one half of international music duo Electric Punany. Since spinning for brands like Donna Karan, Apple, Nike and Tophop and artists like Beyonce, she has transitioned into more curatorial and hosting work. MTV documented her journey as an emerging DJ on Scratch The Surface and she is currently spinning for HBO’s Mixtapes & Roller Skates tour.

Stats: 26.7k Instagram followers.

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Hannah Sider

In essence, everyone cool has been captured through Hannah Sider’s lens. With roots in Malawi and Toronto, the NYC-resident has grown accustomed to seeing life through a wide lens. By seamlessly swapping between hip-hop and high fashion photography, her photos exude seamless duality, with her signature raw style connecting them.

Stats: 76.5k Instagram followers.

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Ian Isiah

According to SSENSE, Ian Isaiah is a “Brooklyn choirboy turned ‘hood-maternal’ vocalist, a sensual R&B songstress with an ascending trajectory.” His ascent is multifaceted; his industry clout and inimitable style has bred collaborations with Longchamp and ongoing contributions to his bff’s brand Hood By Air. Meanwhile, his smooth vocals has bred collaborations with Chromeo and a tour with Blood Orange.

Stats: 42.6k followers

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Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a bicoastal singer, visual artist and influencer whose cross-medium approach to art reflects her boundless creativity. Since first emerging onto the NYC music scene, she has scored features on The Gorillaz and Vince Staples’ 2017 projects and on an HBO-funded Game of Thrones mixtape alongside Big Boi and Common.

Stats: 56.7k SoundCloud followers, 66.8k instagram followers

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Olivia Seally

Olivia Seally

Olivia Seally is a multi-talented brand strategist and content creator, with a background in collage, photography and event production. While she is currently based in Toronto, she has deep roots in New York and dope connections to show for it. She currently runs Freshmen Friday, a creative agency dedicated to connecting people, venues and brands to their communities.

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