Ian Isiah

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Where are you from?

Brooklyn, NY.

Five years ago, what were you doing?

I was singing and starting a career in something that I didn't think I'd be starting a career in... being an ambassador/creative team member for designing stuff with Shayne from Hood By Air. I never went to school for art or fashion so it was cool growing up with Shayne and watching him really do his thing and it pushed me to learn that process. And him being my best friend for all these years it was just easy to create ideas, it was easy talking to him about concepts. And the results of all those concepts were crazy so something is going right. So yeah, five years ago I quit my retail job and took control of myself, my passion and decided to go out and do what I wanted to do, which is singing and creating.

If your life were a movie, what would be on the soundtrack? 

I would just have a playlist of everything I cried to, smoked to, fucked to, laughed to... Brandy, Beyonce, Jodeci, Jasmine Sullivan, Ella Fitzgerald, John Legend, Sizzla Kalonji... so many!

What's your message? 

The message is to activate, that's what I believe in, I think that's what I'd like to say to the youth... I understand activating might be hard, it's a process, but you have to! Nothing is new under the sun, we're all creative people but it's about the force that you put behind your creativity and how you activate it that is going to set you apart. It's your gift, respect your gift! And activate it!


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