Molly Willows

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What do you do? I'm a filmmaker and a producer at Tendril, a production studio based in Toronto and São Paulo.

Do you consider yourself a freshman, sophomore or senior in your field? I am fresh till the death. 

What needs to happen before you can "graduate"? Graduating to me means being over the hill or no longer being able to absorb inspiration and new ideas. I want to always feel like a questing noob. It's more interesting to be a pupil than a graduate or a teacher.

What is your dream creative project? And what's stopping you from it? What do you need? Working with nice and hardworking people is always ideal. I've been lucky with that. 

What's your strategy for creative block?Drink water, move your body. If that doesn't work, get plastered.

Who are three people whose thought process you'd like to learn more about?Werner Herzog, Jill Soloway & Tavi Gevinson.

If your life was a movie what would be on the soundtrack? A lot of twerkable Brazilian funk mixed in with some solid late '90s slow jams. 

When you are 65 where are you and what are you doing? When I am 65, I'll be once of those filthy rich hobbyists who has been retired already for like 20 years and I'll live somewhere that I can handpick fresh coconuts to drink every day. Hopefully when I am drunk I won't smoke and hopefully by then I'll have learned the importance of sunscreen and sleep. 

Until then, where could we find you on a Friday night? Letting my freak flags fly on a dance floor AKA friends living room floor near you.