Sydney Beaumont


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Where are you from?

I’m from west side Toronto, raised & still living there.

What do you do?

I bartend at Oak Island, also am a writer & a model on the side. Not many people know that I was a trained dancer for 14 years, and it’s still the love of my life. Definitely something I still do for fulfillment, just pop into a drop-in dance class downtown.

What is your dream creative project?

My dream creative project is to write a book, or a screenplay, or both! I guess what’s stopping me from doing so is the fear of failure, I mean, that’s the one thing that stops most of us from doing what we really want.

What are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -  My go-to tunes in the morning are for sure Solange, Steve Lacy, & Frank Ocean. Just hearing their voices first thing in the morning puts me in a good mood!

Exercising? - For working out I always put on some Kendrick Lamar or Drake, they usually get me amped up enough.

Partying? -  When I’m getting dolled up to go out I ALWAYS play Beyoncé’s self-titled album, the track “Blow” is the ultimate ‘dance in the mirror and pout your lips as you put on your mascara’ vibe :)

Where are your favorite places to… 

Eat? -  My fav place to eat in the city is 416 Snackbar hands down, that spicy tuna hand roll though!

Dance? - To dance honestly is anywhere Karim or Bambii is DJing. I always know I’ll be whining up when they’re playing.

Drink? -  To drink would have to be Apt 200, that place is just my second home, I always feel comfortable there even when it gets rowdy. 

Shop? - To shop would have to be Public Butter or Value Vintage, nothing beats a full day of going through all those racks!


Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?

I've been saying lately that I really want to take up rock-climbing. I’d love to find a good spot in Toronto and start going!


List three people that inspire you…

Mecha Mur - she’s just brilliant and a shining light wherever she goes. Christina Viera - an OG bartender in the city who always finds a creative way to give back to the community while throwing a good party, somewhat of a mentor in the industry for me. And Tania Peralta - an amazing writer, mother, friend, who has accomplished so much like recently publishing her first book. Check her out, she’ll probably make you cry!