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Dana Wright

This emerging genre-bending musician has already caught the attention of Into the Gloss, Wonderland, Dazed and fashion industry fave Petra Collins. Drawing inspiration from Marilyn Manson, Eminem and the Backstreet Boys, her diverse influences transcend to her broad online reach.

With over 11k Instagram followers, Dana receives 410 likes per post and 2.5 video views, on average. Last year, Dana’s music was streamed for 29k hours in 57 countries on Spotify, where she currently received 5286 listeners each month.

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George Jessel

George Jessel is a multi-platform designer who teeters between web design and interior design seamlessly. After working in marketing and branding, George studied interior architecture at Inchbald School of Design. Since graduating, he has worked on a variety of projects, from working on the fit out for Bloomberg’s London headquarters to larger scale residential refurbishment as well as commercial and hospitality design.

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Corey Wash

Corey Wash

Corey Wash is an artist and model based in New York. As her modelling career picked up momentum, her passion for art grew. While modelling started sustaining her financially, her art became an outlet to explore more complex issues through the lens of her main character, Willoughby.

Stats: 20.1k Instagram followers

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Jesse Boykins III


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Photos by Mike Rousseau

Where are you from?: I was born in Chicago, Illinois and my childhood was spent in Jamaica, then Miami and New York. Now I’m here, in Los Angeles.

What do you do?: I sing and went to New School University for Jazz where I also taught myself how to produce. 

What is your dream creative project?: I believe firmly in collaboration. I feel like that’s what the art of music is; being able to have a band and have different energies combining to make this one entity. I don’t have a problem producing my own stuff; I just never want my voice to be the only thing that’s expressed. I have a lot to say for sure but not only do I learn in the experience of collaborating with someone, but we definitely bring things out of each other. So although I have been collaborating with some people since 2007, I still love to bring in new talent.

Is there something you wish you knew earlier?: I did all right early on; I was an independent artist, shooting all my own things but would have videos on TV and was getting awards for things I didn’t even know I was nominated for. The main thing I wish I knew earlier on in my career is the art of collaboration with brands, like I did last year. It started by just taking a lot of pictures and conceptualizing ideas and then they’d meet me and I’d have more to talk about besides the music. 

Tell us about the female project you’re doing and why did you decide to, instead of putting in the music, give women a direct voice with that project?: I always go back to my childhood and think about how certain situations were handled. I felt like most men didn’t necessarily take the time out to understand women. So I thought that was how you’re supposed to be as a man. And then growing older and having to deal with my ego within relationships, I realized that’s not how you should be as a man (laughs). Often when a man and woman have a conversation it feels like a show because of the concept of attraction. So with the women’s project I interviewed women ages 17-65 and asked questions that I felt they were probably never asked before. The questions were: ‘What do you love about being a woman?’ ‘Long term lust or short term love?’ ‘Tell me the first time you experienced love and the feelings that come with it?’ ‘Beauty or danger?’ ‘Climax or balance?’ ‘Chaos or structure?’ ‘All the things you hate about a man?’ ‘All the things you love about a man?’ ‘What’s on your list of a paper perfect man?’ ‘When I say Love Apparatus what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?’ And ‘do you like smiling?’.

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Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a bicoastal singer, visual artist and influencer whose cross-medium approach to art reflects her boundless creativity. Since first emerging onto the NYC music scene, she has scored features on The Gorillaz and Vince Staples’ 2017 projects and on an HBO-funded Game of Thrones mixtape alongside Big Boi and Common.

Stats: 56.7k SoundCloud followers, 66.8k instagram followers

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