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Raphael Sanchez

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Raphael was a part of our production team for the Joseph of Mercury shoot with Numero Homme.

You can follow Raphael here.

Where are you from?

Filipino-Canadian, born & raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Based in downtown Toronto.

What do you do?

I am a full-time freelancer and a recent graduate at the OCADU (Ontario College of Art & Design University).

GIF-making is so difficult! Any insider tips?

Simplicity is key. Think about when you're making an Instagram Boomerang. You'll get better results from a single, stable movement rather than frantic gestures. That simplicity paired with a clear focal point make a seamless gif you'll want to watch over and over again!

What is your dream creative project?

Wow, big question! There are too many to list, but one I see myself making a reality in the near future is to create a bi-annual QTPoC-friendly party that Toronto hasn't experienced yet. I want to spin the music I love in a space that I had creative direction over.

What are your go-to tunes for… 

Rising? -  I have a 90s RnB & old school disco playlist on repeat just for my mornings, but Estrelar by Marcos Valle is my exit song.

Exercising? - A good jersey club mix. Sam Tiba, Skype Williams or SWISHA come to mind.

Partying? -  Depends on the kiki i’m going to, but Justice, Daft Punk and the songs of the Bloghaus era have a special spot in my heart.

Where are your favorite places in Toronto to… 

Eat? -  Manpuku Japanese Eatery in the Village Grange Food Court. Donburi-don with a fried egg on top.

Dance? - I prefer a smaller venue with just the right amount of grunge. It makes for such an intimate, sexy atmosphere. Coda, Drake Underground, Apt 200, and the Black Eagle are few of the places I frequent.

Drink? -  Whiskey. Double Jameson on the rocks.

Shop? -  Uniqlo for my basics. Most of my “fashion pieces” come from instagram stores or from friends that started making merch.

Is there something you really want to do in your city that you haven't yet?

Skating under The Bentway.

List three people that inspire you…

Mimi Vuong - Director & Graphic Designer

Adrian Muir - Cinematographer & DJ

Mark Galura - Motion Graphics Designer


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